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Welcome to Mile Clean, we are local and reliable Render Cleaning & SoftWash Cleaning Specialists based in the Reading – Berkshire

Welcome to Mile Clean, we are local and reliable Render Cleaning & SoftWash Cleaning Specialists based in the Reading – Berkshire

Here at Mile Clean we specialise in the exterior cleaning and have been providing professional render cleaning to commercial and residential clients throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey areas for nearly 2 decades. Our Render cleaning service will remove all organic growth including algae, lichen, fungi, moss and mould. If you’re looking for experienced and reliable team to clean your render, you’re in the right place.

What is Render?

Render is a coating applied to a building’s external walls – basically, the smooth, usually white surface on the outside of a house. Traditionally, a mix of lime, water and an aggregate (such as sand) created a flexible and breathable covering.

This method hasn’t been particularly popular in the last few decades, but has recently experienced a bit of a resurgence; it’s certainly still used for period property conservation.

Conventional render is made from a cement, sand and aggregate blend, but many modern products are cement free. These newer options sometimes contain products to help waterproofing and resistance to algae growth – you can even get renders pre-mixed with a colour for a vibrant finish and ones that work with external insulation.

Why is my render turning green-black?

Over time, various different types of algae grow and spread forming visible discolouration and causing an ugly pigment—typically either green, black or red. It is more noticeable on lighter façades and houses that receive less sunlight. Increased algae growth can occur if property has leaking gutters or moisture on surface which is perfect environment for algae to grow on render.

How do we clean render?

Render when new looks very attractive but for cleaning can be very delicate. That is why we use gentle but thorough cleaning method. We use specialist treatments, chemicals and equipment to ensure that we deep clean your render leaving it in the best possible physical condition. We leave your render free from both organic growth and discolouration.

Our Render Cleaning methods

Soft Washing – requires using low-pressure washing/steam equipment with wide sprays nozzles to efficiently clean rendered walls. It is less aggressive than high-pressure washing and does not damage render walls. With this method we remove all grime, dirt or bird poop from your render surface. Never allow anyone to use high-pressure washing on your rendered walls.

Chemical clean – for Render cleaning we use specially formulated render cleaning chemicals that work along with our equipment to get your render walls clean. We only use high quality and HSE approved Biocides and algae Cleaner. Biocides work as a render cleaner killing the algae and preventing it from growing again. All our cleaning chemicals are eco-friendly and biodegradable and recommended by the render manufacturers themselves.

We clean and restore all kinds of Render including K Rend, Cork Render, Monocouche Render, Lime Render

How do I stop my render from going green?

To prevent render turning green/red a biocide should be applied annually.

If you’re looking for an unrivalled professional render cleaning service, please get in touch today for a free no obligation quote.

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We are local and reliable Render Cleaning & SoftWash Cleaning Specialists based in the Reading – Berkshire ✅