Chewing gum removal

Chewing gum removal services in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey

Chewing gum removal

Discarded chewing gums is a worldwide cleaning problem. Millions of people chew gum in the UK each day. Sadly, a lot of chewing gum ends its life on the floor.

Discarded chewing gum makes public areas, entrances and footpaths look dirty and uncared for, this can be the first impression that your customers have of your business, so it is important to keep these areas clean and free of unsightly chewing gum and associated stains.

Our chewing gum removal team have safe cleaning methods to avoid disruption to your business, staff and the public. Chewing gums mixed with other daily grime and spilt sugary drinks set rock hard, making it almost impossible to shift using conventional cleaning techniques. No wonder many sports venues, theme parks and other venues have banned its sale on their premises.

We use the latest steam jetting systems to remove unattractive chewing gum from public pavements, leaving our clients’ facilities looking sparkling clean once more.

Mile Clean don’t use harmful chemicals so there is no risk of damage to floors, environment or your customers and public. We use specialist steam cleaning systems to remove chewing gum fast, along with all other grime and stains, leaving paving looking as good as new.

Where necessary, we can use a combination of steam and pressure washing system that both melts the chewing gum and removes other general dirt from floors.

When doing chewing gum removal in live environments we can put up barriers or completely close section of pavement at a time or work night time and when facilities are closed.

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Chewing gum removal services are available in the following areas.

Reading, Newbury, Wokingham, Windsor, West London, Bracknell, Goring on Thames, Slough, Ascot, Henley on Thames, Basingstoke, Berkshire, Sunningdale, Oxfordshire, South East, High Wycombe, Guildford, Weybridge, Kingston Upon Thames, Maidenhead, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Thatcham, Sunninghill, London, Farnborough, Beaconsfield, Richmond, Hook, Marlow, Aldershot, Fleet, Woking, Hampshire, Virginia Water, London, Farnham, Surrey.

Please contact us with your pressure cleaning requirements even if you require our services in places not listed above. We might be able to help.